Lokbharti Rajbhasha Shabd Kosh (English-Hindi)

Author: Hardev Bahari
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Lokbharti Rajbhasha Shabd Kosh (English-Hindi)

l Comprehensive vocabulary of various subjects concerning Central and State Governments.
l Profuse and exact meanings of all vocables generally approved by the Scientific and Technical Terminology Commission and also by some Government agencies.
l Meanings of polysemantic words have been numbered.
l Prefixes and Suffixes with examples have been given in the body of the Dictionary.
This Dictionary apart from being an English-Hindi Dictionary would serve as an English-English-Hindi Dictionary also as it gives meanings of the words and their usages in English in most cases.
This Dictionary is useful for those engaged in Government offices and for those who have to deal with any Government agencies.

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Language Hindi
Format Hard Back
Edition Year 2022, Ed. 9th
Pages 457p
Translator Not Selected
Editor Not Selected
Publisher Lokbharti Prakashan
Dimensions 22 X 14 X 2.5
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Hardev Bahari

Author: Hardev Bahari

Dr. Hardev Bahri
Birth : 1 January, 1907
Place : Talagang (Distt. Attock),
now in Pakistan.
Education : B.A. Honours (English), M.A. (History), Hindi Prabhakar, M.O.L. (Sanskrit), Shastri, Ph.D. (Phonetics), D. Litt. (Hindi Semantics).
Teaching : Oriental College Lahore, D.A.V. College Rawalpindi, Aitchison College Lahore, Allahabad University, Kurukshetra University.
Honours : Honoured by Punjab Government, Bihar Government and the Govt. of India, Sahitya Vachaspati from Hindi Sahitya Sammelan.
Travels : Widely travelled in India and abroad.
Books : About 50 books including 22 dictionaries
Residence : 10, Darbhanga Colony, Allahabad-211002
Death : 31 March, 2000

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