Hardev Bahari

Hardev Bahari

5 Books

Dr. Hardev Bahri
Birth : 1 January, 1907
Place : Talagang (Distt. Attock),
now in Pakistan.
Education : B.A. Honours (English), M.A. (History), Hindi Prabhakar, M.O.L. (Sanskrit), Shastri, Ph.D. (Phonetics), D. Litt. (Hindi Semantics).
Teaching : Oriental College Lahore, D.A.V. College Rawalpindi, Aitchison College Lahore, Allahabad University, Kurukshetra University.
Honours : Honoured by Punjab Government, Bihar Government and the Govt. of India, Sahitya Vachaspati from Hindi Sahitya Sammelan.
Travels : Widely travelled in India and abroad.
Books : About 50 books including 22 dictionaries
Residence : 10, Darbhanga Colony, Allahabad-211002
Death : 31 March, 2000

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