Unity And Strenght

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Unity And Strenght
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Unity and Strength is a novel inspired by the life of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Architect of Independent India. His qualities of ardent patriotism, unflinching courage and determination, sharp foresight and honest hard work have influenced millions of people during and after the freedom struggle. The present generation of Indians looks at his contribution with much awe and respect.

Sardar Patel is a great source of strength and an idol of national unity. The novel describes how inspired by his sacrifice and dedication, common families  came forward to follow him in the freedom struggle. It also narrates how in the independent India, the great leader  unified the princely states in an astonishingly  efficient manner within an unbelievable short time.Drawing inspiration from his life and thoughts, the novel indicates  what  we can do to fully realise his unfulfilled dreams of making a prosperous and strong India.

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Language Hindi
Format Hard Back
Publication Year 2017
Edition Year 2017, Ed. 1st
Pages 243p
Translator Not Selected
Editor Not Selected
Publisher Banyan Tree Books
Dimensions 22 X 14.5 X 2
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Amarendra Narayan

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Amarendra Narayan

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Mr. Narayan is also a poet and an author. He writes in English and Hindi. His novel- Fragrance Beyond Borders on the theme of improving India-Pakistan relations has been warmly appreciated for its theme and presentation. The second edition of the book has been published by Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi, India in 2008. The novel has also been translated in Urdu. His another novel The Smile of Jasmine has been published by M/ s Raider Publications, USA. Mr. Narayan has also published six books in Hindi— a novel Sangharsh based on Mahatma Gandhi's Champaran Satyagrah and Indian immigrant families in Fiji and five collection of poems: Sirf Ek Lalten Jalti Hai (Only a lantern glows), Anubhuti (Feelings), Thodi Barish Do (Give some rains), Tumhara bhi, Hamara bhi, (Yours also, mine also) and Sri Hanumat Shradhdha Suman (Tributes to Lord Hanumanji). Mr. Narayan has received several awards for his contribution in the field of literature including Sahitya Gaurav and SahityaShri.The NRI Welfare Society of India presented the Hind Rattan award to him in January 2007. 

Contact Details: Shubha Ashirvad 1055, Ridge Road, South Civil Lines, Jabalpur 482001, M.P.  

E mail:amarnar@gmail.com

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