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Rajkamal Prakashan Group, a publication house of excellence from 6 decades, a name synonyms to fine literary distinction, blend of ethnicity and intrinsic worth in Hindi publishing world have completed its 60 years in 2009.

Came into form in pre-twilight of India’s freedom in 1947, when the whole nation was hearing both fear of division and light of freedom together. The division which was going to affect Hindi speaking areas more, and so literary healers in their own language considered necessary for those regions. Hindi literature was in time to face phase of vacuum and transformation; post-Chyavadi writers were to look some for their drifting apart visions. Rajkamal Prakshan gave every vision to its ultimate form and backed up Nayi Kavita and Nayi Kahani era of Hindi Literature, esteemed every pen and ideas then.

Today we are moving towards "A NEW ERA" with same integrity and drive to back up more legendry works.

Rajkamal Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. is a house possessing high respect among best of the writers and we treasure all our great writers humbly. We are publishing more than 400 books every year and going for more, this is our intend and success both.

Our challenge is to take decades back legacy forward and we are doing exactly and faithfully that with merger of other bigger names in publishing field like Radhakrishna Prakashan and Lokbharti Prakashan; we are enriching wider through expansion into English publication as well with Banyan Tree Books.

We have great long publishing history from 60 years, almost all legendry works and writers of Hindi and other languages translation works are under our umbrella to win over every literature famished mind.

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